4th Earth RAW: Vanilla

Version: 0.1.1

4th Earth RAW: Vanilla is designed to provide a minimal setup for Players to create Characters and stories in the spirit of 4th Earth RAW.

If you want to expand these mechanics and aren’t sure where to start, we RECOMMEND looking at the official add-on implementations known as Sprinkles.

The vanilla implementation is designed to facilitate solo-adventuring. However, the vanilla implementation MAY be used with groups, with or without a Narrator acting as facilitator and increasing story dynamism.

Difficulty Rating

Section titled Difficulty Rating

Real-time action resolution

Section titled Real-time action resolution

Opposing Character Interactions

Section titled Opposing Character Interactions

The following apply to Character Actions where the target of the Action is another Character who is contesting the Action; if the Action isn’t contested, the Difficulty Rating MUST be 0.

Antagonist Difficulty Rating

The following describes a method for calculating the Difficulty Rating of an Antagonist.

Protagonist Potential Energy

The following table describes a method for calculating the Potential Energy (damage) of an attack, which determines how many health Battery Points will be lost, if the attack is successful.

ActionSpeedPotential Energy
JabFast1 per Fast Action taken and successful; maximum of 2
Uppercut, kick, ram, or slamSlow2
Dual (same tool each hand)Fast2 per Fast Action taken with the tool; maximum of 4
Advanced technology or magicSlow5

Dice Pools

Section titled Dice Pools

See Sprinkles.

Proficiency Ranks

Section titled Proficiency Ranks

Life Batteries

Section titled Life Batteries


Section titled Characters

Vanilla Character Sheet

Social contract

Section titled Social contract

Vanilla Socail Contract


Section titled Glossary
The Character impacted by a contested Action of another Character.
A refined Action Type, which has a more generic parent Action Type; does not apply to Tools.
All Specialties are Action Types, but not all Action Types are Specialties.
The Character performing an Action in a contested Action.
Target Action Battery
The Life Battery targeted by an Action.
Target Action Battery Point
The Battery Points for a Target Action Battery.